Featured Artist: Corina Rose

Corina Rose0764LR

Corina Rose is a musician and singer/songwriter who sings groovy spiritual love songs that are soulful, sexy and funky. She performs her music solo, as part of a duo, or a trio and her favorite is with a full band. Corina says “I love performing with other musicians, it’s a magical, mystical feeling.”

A native of San Diego, Corina attended UC Santa Cruz where she earned a BA in Music and has a MA in Learning Design and Technology. She has performed in many bands in San Diego and played all types of venues. Corina is also a music teacher. She says “Teaching children the power of music and transforming our future through creativity, compassion, and caring.” As a child, Corina grew up singing and dancing and performing in musical theatre. She started playing guitar as a teenager, but really preferred dancing and put it aside until recently. Many artists influence her music such as Marvin Gaye, Sade, Amy Winehouse, and Bob Marley.

Her music promotes the idea of love. Not romantic love necessarily, but love for humanity, the planet, and the universe. Corina calls it “Transcendent Love,” which coincidentally follows the theme of her new album called “Our Love is Freedom.” The songs are not a reflection of the heartache which often comes with love, but are a vehicle for manifesting love in your daily life. “Our Love” is meant to reflect humans love for each other and ourselves. That love will bring forth our freedom. The freedom to love one another and be free from guilt and pain is the main message of her music which is soulful, and jazzy with a little folk music mixed in. Corina’s diverse musical influences are apparent in her new upcoming album.

She enjoys lending her talents to events that are raising awareness and funds for good causes. She prefers to play for fundraisers and charity events because she wants to make a positive impact on the planet. As an activist and musician, Corina hopes to raise the consciousness of the people on the planet for the greater good. Corina believes in the power of personal growth and transformation and music.

She takes inspiration from many of the people she meets everyday that give her music a purpose and meaning. Steph Johnson, also a powerful singer-songwriter here in San Diego is one of Corina’s mentors and provides much inspiration. Another mentor is Israel Maldonado, also from San Diego, who gave Corina her first guitar lessons and inspires her with his Brazilian/Latin vibe.

Corina would like to perform with other artists such as Sheri Anne, who is another singer/songwriter who fronts the band Sister Speak.

She believes that we can create a world that works for everyone through the universal language of music, which brings people together in love and joy.

Her album “Our Love is Freedom” is scheduled to be debuted on December 7, 2018. Look for an album release show in January, 2019.

Her next live performance in San Diego will be next Tuesday evening, December 20, 2018 at Winstons in Ocean Beach as one of the performers in the M.A.S.S. (Musical Artistry of Singers and Songwriters) show.

You can find more information on Corina Rose on spotify, her facebook music page and here and even more of her music is available on iTunes.